3D Secure

We want to protect our customers against increasing credit card frauds. Therefore we want to make sure that the purchase on the internet is as safe as possible. According to this we offer the authentication method 3D Secure for payments by credit card. This method ensures that the lawful owner of the credit card as well as the legal online seller take part in this transaction. During the payment process in our Onlineshop a page of the bank /savings bank, on which you can enter your password, will occur. Only with the correct password, which is known by you and your bank/savings bank, the payment will be effected safely. Therefore you as the card holder and we as the seller have mutual certainty about the identity of each other. For MasterCard the process is called "MasterCard SecureCode", for Visa it is called "Verified by Visa".


Where do I get my personal password?


Instruction for MasterCard SecureCode

MasterCard SecureCode

There are two options to use the security of the MasterCard SecureCode during online shopping.
In both cases you do not need a special Software!

1. Using the password

Please contact your bank/savings bank and order the SecureCode as a password. You can create your own password.

2. Using a password with a chip card reader

Many newer credit cards are equipped with an EMV chip (EMV is the standard chip technology of the card companies and stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa). For secure payment on the internet, the chip can generate a SecureCode using a chip card reader. If your bank/savings bank supports this option, you will receive a card reader which does not need to be connected to the computer.


Instruction for Verified by Visa

Verified by Visa

Please contact your bank/savings bank and register for Verified by Visa. You will receive your personal password afterwards. How the Verified by Visa registration works can be seen in the following. The example is available for download as a flash animation:
Example for registration


For both credit cards the payment process in our online shop is the same.

Entering the data of your credit card when ordering at hair-shop.24.netPlease enter your credit card data during order process. Afterwards a website of the bank/savings bank will ask you to enter your SecureCode.
Your bank/savings bank will verify your input and release the transaction.

An example of a Verified by Visa registration for online shopping can be found below. You can download the example in the form of a flash animation:


Shopping example