Glynt Derma Regulate Shampoo 4 1000ml

Glynt Derma Regulate Shampoo 4 1000ml

Gentle shampoo against scaly scalp

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The Derma Regulate Shampoo is a gentle cleansing with Pirocton Olamin and salicylic acid against flaky scalp. The dandruff is reliably freed from hair and scalp and prevents their new formation. Irritation, itching and reddened scalp is effectively counteracted, due to the shampoo has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect. It should only be used as long as the scalp problem persists. Subsequently, a shampoo can be used, which is specially geared to the hair texture. To prevent scalp problems, it is recommended to use the Derma shampoo once a week.

Usage Information

Massage into wet hair, leave on for a short time and rinse thoroughly.

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Additional Information

SKU J207.
Recommended Use Hair Humidity Wet
Brand Glynt
Product Type Shampoo
Product Line Glynt Derma 04
Hair Strength Normal Hair, Fine Hair, Thick Hair
Hair Type Anti-Dandruff
Effect Anti-Dandruff, Calming, Dandruff Removal, Scalp Relief
Pump Possibilities Pump can be bought separately

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